Thieves steal items from Sherman residents

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SHERMAN,TX---Residents are on the lookout for thieves who stole items from several vehicles.

Residents say the incident happened after midnight Monday morning at the Country Ridge Estates when a neighbor called police reporting a suspicious person running down the street.

When police arrived there were no physical signs of any vehicles being broken into, but several residents reported items missing.

One resident said he had left his passenger side door unlocked, and that his laptop inside was taken.

Sargent D.M. Hampton from the Sherman P.D. says that residents need to take precautions to prevent this from happening again.

"People that own property have to take those precautions to help themselves out and part of it is locking the doors of your car and removing any of the valuables you have inside the vehicle into a secure location." said Hampton.

Hampton also says that the department has seen this time and time again, and most times these burglars are just looking for an easy score; an unlocked car or rolled down window.

If you have any information about the items stolen you are asked to call the police.

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