Thieves stealing Tom Bean street signs

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TOM BEAN, TX -- Recent thefts in a Texoma town is putting residents at risk.

You see them in every community, on about every street corner. They help you find your way around. But, for those driving in Tom Bean, these street signs are disappearing and it's causing problems.

"We may have a life or death situation on our hands because of this. And I know I'd hate to be the one that caused that problem," Sherry Howard said.

Tom Bean Mayor, Sherry Howard, says just in the last week they noticed at least five street signs missing, and it's already become a safety issue.

"Sometimes the EMS couldn't find the street because the street signs are missing," Howard said.

"We had a couple of instances here recently where the EMS from Van Alstyne had to come up here, and Whitewright too a couple of times, and they had to find streets that they weren't familiar with and they were very serious medical conditions and street signs were not there," Chief Hunt

It's a pretty hefty fine if you're caught with one of the signs. Chief John Hunt says it's a class C misdemeanor and anywhere from a $200 to $500 fine for each sign you're caught with. And they aren't cheap to replace.

"Taxpayers are paying for these signs," Howard said.

About $40 for each. Howard says these signs aren't like any other. Back in 2004 the Lions Club purchased 80 of them. They're extra large signs with the Lions Club logo, and they're all unique to this town.

"You go around and look at all the other streets in Grayson county, the cities, and you won't find street signs this large. And we did that on purpose so you could easily see them," Howard said

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the signs you're asked to contact the Tom Bean Police Department.

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