Thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen from Ardmore cemetery

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ARDMORE, OK -- Thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen over the weekend from the Ardmore city cemeteries.

Employees at the Rosehill Cemetery off C street Southeast were shocked Monday morning when they got to work.

"We noticed the utility trailer gone first and when we opened the shop that's when we realized they had stolen all of our equipment, and weed eaters, and lawn mowers."

Linda Brey is the superintendent for the city's two public cemeteries- Rosehill and Clearview.

The Ardmore Parks Department maintains the grounds, coordinates burials and openings and closings of graves, as well as, the opening and closing of graves at Saint Mary's and Mount Zion Cemeteries.

Parks and Rec Director Kevin Boatright says they've never dealt with anything like this.

"I've been here for over fourteen years and we've never had any large pieces of equipment stolen like this. Not in this number specifically. Something that took somebody a fair amount of time to do," Boatright said.

Brey says a lot of factors in the case remain unclear, like how someone got into the locked warehouse where the equipment was stored.

"Right now we don't know how they gained entry to it.", said Brey

Boatright says, regardless of the unfortunate situation, they are still doing what they can to maintain the cemeteries as usual.

Boatright added, "We've had to move some equipment around, pull some equipment from some from other divisions of the parks and recreation department, make a couple of emergency purchases, if you will."

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