Thousands turn out for Memorial Day weekend on Lake Texoma, despite low water levels

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LAKE TEXOMA - Business is booming at Lake Texoma during this Memorial Day weekend, despite low water levels. Tens of thousand of people have been out enjoying the lake, eating at restaurants, and shopping. Daniella Rivera takes a look at just how important the holiday is to the local economy.

Tens of thousands of people have visited Lake Texoma for Memorial Day weekend.

"We stayed in line to dock the boat for about an hour," said visitor Amy Buck. She says she was at the lake Saturday and Sunday, and plans to go out again Monday.

Lake Texoma visitors like Buck help boost the local economy on holiday weekends.

"We've been to the grocery store and out here to the bait store and to the island grill last night," said Buck.

Anna McKinney with the Denison Chamber of Commerce says Memorial Day weekend is vital--being the first holiday of the summer--it sets the tone for others like the 4th of July.

And general manager of The Tackle Box Carol Callahan says this weekend has been great for business, "We have been very busy this pretty weather is bringing people out, people need to realize we still have a big lake, we got a lot of new sandy beaches, and the fishing has been great."

In January we reported the Lake Texoma's water had sunk to it's lowest level in more than 40 years, but Callahan and visitors tell us that's not affecting business or play on the lake.

"You just have to learn the lake all over. You know it's like any other lake, there's going to be sand bars in some spots, there's going to be new ones this year. It's a big ole lake, and we're open and we're ready for business," said Callahan.

With all these boats on the water, the Army Corps of Engineers reminds everyone to think of safety first--wear your life vest, and watch out for sand bars and underwater obstructions.

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