Tie-breakers decide two local elections

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WIth just one piece of paper the new Lone Grove Ward 5 councilman was chosen. For nearly two weeks the election remained undecided after both candidates pulled in 48 votes. Incumbent Mickey Davis said he's glad the whole thing's over.

"I was relieved," said Davis. "I mean it had been a little bit agonizing thinking about it."

In Marshall county two candidates for Kingston town trustee received 57 votes each. That election board drew Leonard Nail's name this morning.

"I just hope I can represent the people in a way that they think this town needs to be represented," Nail said.

Oklahoma state law says that in the event of a tie, candidates can ask for a recount. This would cost the candidate who asked $600 for the first 3,000 ballots. In both of these cases no one asked for a recount, so the election went to a name drawing by law. The assistant state election board secretary said this happens more than you might think.

"We tend to have more ties when there are just a very small number of votes cast," said Fran Roach, assistant secretary of Oklahoma's election board. "So it's not all that unusual."

Both winners said that they would've campaigned harder if they had to run again.

"I didn't have signs out or anything this time, didn't ask but a few people to vote," said Leonard Nail.

"I didn't do enough this time," said Davis. "You know, get in touch with more people on election day and get the word out that they need to go vote."

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