Tioga residents put up signs of support for Randy Travis

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TIOGA, TEXAS -- Signs of support for Randy Travis welcome drivers into Tioga; the town where the country music star lives is filled with people who say they're big fans of their Grammy award-winning neighbor.

"You know, he's just a down to earth guy and if you see him out at the store or anything, he's just real friendly and acts like a fellow Tiogan," Myrt Mitchell said.

Mitchell and her grandson Peyton are two of the people behind the signs that say "Pray for Randy Travis -- one of our own".

"We wanted him to feel like he's one of us," Mitchell said.

Mitchell and other Tiogans thought the signs were a good way to show Travis their support for Travis, as he remains in critical condition at a Plano hospital.

"He's given so much to the community and donated so much," Mitchell said.

Tioga firefighters even lent a hand to get this sign up along 377.

"We just want to get the word out for Randy," Mitchell said.

At one of Travis's favorite barbecue spots, Clark's Outpost, employees say they too are thinking about Travis.

"I would say he's a lovely man. He doesn't act like a celebrity," Brenda O'Keefe said.

A guitar with Travis's signature is displayed on the wall and serves as a constant reminder of his place in the community.

"You get the feeling that he is one of our own and everybody has accepted him as one of our own," James Hilliard

Mitchell hopes all the signs and prayers will help.

"He's going to have a hard road and he's going to need a lot more prayers," Mitchell said.

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