Tishomingo City Council agrees to sell city property

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TISHOMINGO, OK -- The Tishomingo City Council is planning on building a new city barn after selling the property it currently rests on.

Monday night, the council agreed to sell property along 6th street to the Chickasaw Nation. They offered to buy the property for over $655,000.

On it, rests the city barn, rodeo grounds, a vacant community center, and the city's second fire station.

City Manager, Jack Yates, says the Chickasaw Nation wants to expand in Tishomingo.

"The Chickasaws plan on further developing in the area across from the medical center, so we saw it as a community-wide improvement, and we'll have to build another city barn area," said Yates.

Yates says the money from the sale will go toward a new barn. He says since they have to build it, the transfer of the old property won't happen for another year.

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