Tishomingo Fire Department Fundraises For Moore Firefighter

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Captain Danny Walker of the mostly volunteer- based Tishomingo fire department, says even though they have been working hard to raise funds for a much-needed new station and new equipment, presenting a $1500 dollar check to this Moore firefighter was the least they could do.

Walker say, "He lost his home and all of his belongings and during the storms he was out protecting other people's property"

Walker says they have been fundraising since June by selling t-shirts and even have the support of a celebrity couple who call Tishomingo their home and own a store in town.

"Miranda Lambert, owner of the Pink Pistol, her and Blake Shelton have both been real good to help us with our fundraisers and allow us to set up down at the store and sell," Walker said.

Tishomingo Mayor, Tom Lokey, says this is just another way the department has proven their dedication to serving others.

"That shows their spirit as volunteers that they understand the risks and demands put on them and their fellow firefighters across the state and across the nation," Lokey said.

A dedication, Johnston county chamber of commerce executive director Seigel Heffington, is glad the community is recognizing.

Heffington says, "We're very proud of them for doing that and this community...I don't think it's ever been so supportive of our fire department as it has been the last 3 or 4 years. I mean, these guys do an outstanding job."

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