Toddler burned on metal slide in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX - The photos of 21-month-old Kyndall McDaniel, just after she received second-degree burns from a metal slide at Hillcrest Park in Sherman are shocking.

"I knew it was hot, I told the kids to stay off the slides. But when I was just sitting under the pavilion, I looked up and she was running over to the slide that goes all the way down to the ground," said Michelle McDaniel, who immediately rushed to her daughter.

"Went to take her off the slide, my nephew got her first and she was sticking to the slide. Her knees and her hands, and we had to rush her to the emergency room," McDaniel said.

Kyndall has gone to see her pediatrician every day since then to have her wounds cleaned and bandaged. Sherman Fire Marshal Nathan Huffman said these kinds of slides can be dangerous. "These metal slides can reach temperatures anywhere from 120 to 150 degrees with direct sunlight, and that being the only heat source. So they get very, very hot."

One slide clocked in at 163 degrees at 10:45 Thursday morning. Slides just like it are in parks throughout Texoma. McDaniel said she doesn't want to attack the city. She just wants to call the community to action.

McDaniel said, "I was sitting here, I was watching my kids. I just looked up. She's 21-months-old and she was running toward the slide, you know and things happen."

McDaniel said as a parent, she takes responsibility for what happened. But more awareness is key in preventing more injuries to children. "I mean it is common sense, it's metal, it's going to be hot but just get the word out there parents beware."

Huffman said, "a slide with a temperature of 150 degrees can cause a third-degree burn in as little as five seconds of contact."

McDaniel hopes to rally the community to make a change so no other child goes through what Kyndall is going through right now.

"Let's really push the City of Sherman to get the metal slides out of parks and surrounding areas as well," McDaniel said.

Kevin Winkler, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Sherman sent us this statement:

"The City regrets that this incident occurred. We strive to provide a safe environment for all of our facilities to ensure that citizens can enjoy our amenities all year round. We will continue to use reasonable and prudent efforts to make our facilities available to the public while encouraging everyone to use discretion to ensure the safety of their children."

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