Tom Bean PD warns drivers about construction

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TOM BEAN, TX - After several accidents on highways near Tom Bean, police are warning drivers to be careful when approaching the many construction zones throughout town.

Some major road projects are now underway in Tom Bean.

"On highway 11 they're putting down a seal coat with chipped rock and that's to extend the life of the road surface. It's from our east city limits all the way to our west city limits," said Frank Deater, Tom Bean police chief.

Crews are also working on both Farm Road 902 and 2729. Chief Frank Deater wants drivers to pay extra attention to the roads for their safety and the safety of others.

"There's been a couple of accidents in the area and I'm just alerting people through Facebook and things like that, just to slow down, take a little more time and try to get to your destination safely," said Deater.

Deater said this past weekend his police department responded to two vehicle accidents.

One left one person with life-threatening injuries. Another person suffered less serious injuries in a rollover crash.

Now Deater is urging drivers to slow down and be cautious to prevent more of these crashes. He said drivers aren't the only people at risk, so are construction workers.

"It's rough enough to do the job they're doing with all the cars and all the traffic. Be mindful they're out there trying to help us but we got to slow down and take care of them as well," said Deater.

Lane Williams, who just got his drivers license two weeks ago, is prepared to hit the road and stay alert in construction zones.

"Just be careful and watch for other people coming into your lane because there's no center stripe. And with the new construction the road is a lot rougher than it was," said Williams.

Deater said the construction will be going on for awhile and wants to remind drivers that if caught driving recklessly in construction zones, traffic fines are double by state law.

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