Town of Coleman remembers six-year-old who was killed Thursday

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COLEMAN, OK -- Six-year-old Taryn Barrett was playing outside at a park in Coleman Thursday morning, as her father, an area coach and teacher, worked across State Highway 48 at the family's firework stand.

He was just about to get her and told her to wait, not to cross the street.

"She seen one vehicle go by that way, she waved and smiled, it was my sister-in-law in the van, she didn't see no other vehicles when she came across, the other one came this way," said family member, Melissa Golden.

The cars crossed at the same time and the other driver didn't see Terrin in the road.

She was taken to Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma in Durant where she was pronounced dead.

"It's a shock, they didn't deserve it at all, it was out of nowhere, it really was," said friend of the family, Kristen Childers.

"They was a very close-knit, happy family," said Golden.

The second youngest of five children, family members say they will always remember Taryn as the spunky one.

"Taryn: active, funny, she was...they all have their own little personalities," said Golden.

Coleman residents who know the family but were too shaken up to speak on-camera say the town is devastated for the Barretts.

"I immediately just went outside because I didn't believe it, I mean, it was a shock," said Childers.

As her loved ones lay her to rest Friday night in Atoka, they are asking their community for one thing.

"Just pray, a lot, I know they're going to's going to be hard," said Childers.

"Just everybody pray for them," said Golden.