Town of Wapanucka without water

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WAPANUCKA, OK - Hundreds of Johnston County residents have been without water this weekend. Emergency officials said the drought has dried the town's water source.

City officials said they are not sure when the water will be back on but it could be days.

"We have an agreement with the Atoka County Rural Water to hook us up to a four inch water line to provide water to the town on a temporary basis until we can get something done as a permanent problem solver, Fire Chief Gary Reeder said.

City officials are asking residents to be patient.

"Once we do start getting water from Atoka, because of the smaller line, the pressure may not be as much as normal," Reeder said. "We still ask residents to use as little water possible, conserve as much you can until we can get everything running back smoothly."

Reeder said the only real solution to the problem is more rain.

A voluntary boil order is in affect until further notice. Residents without water can pick up drinking water at city hall and flushing water at the fire department.

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