Travel tips for a smooth holiday weekend

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- AAA predicts more than 2.7 million Texans and Oklahomans will leave home for Labor Day weekend. Here are some tips to make that travel a little easier.

Whether you're hitting the road, or taking to the sky, there are ways to plan ahead so your trip is...

"A lot more successful and a little less trouble," O'Reilly Auto Parts employee, Mike Miers, said.

Travel advisor, Delinda Lough, says the most important thing to take with you is patience.

"The biggest thing is be sure you allow yourself plenty of time," Lough said.

Try to get out of town early. If you're flying, allow time to go through airport security. If driving, make sure your car is ready to make the trip.

"Any time you're going on a long trip, you want to check your tires, give them a good look over. Especially in this heat with the wear from the the road, the heat causes wear you need to check and make sure there's not any blisters or anything on the tires," Miers said.

Top off all the fluids in your car and check your oil.

"Give it a good going over. Just check everything, make sure there's nothing obvious that you can see that needs to be taken care of before you hit the road," Miers said.

Once you've hit the road, apps can come in handy. There are plenty out there that will tell you the price of gas at stations nearby.

To make sure you don't hit bumper to bumper traffic, check out Sigalert. It's a free app that let's you know the traffic situation on all roads. It'll tell you if there are construction delays, and even the average speed drivers are going at that moment.

Many of us plan our trips on the Internet today. If you book a hotel online, Lough says it's important you understand all the guidelines, because it's likely you'll pay a little more when you check in.

"Many of those resort fees are not disclosed ahead of time. So, particularly on the websites that you book online, you're not going to know about those resort fees until you get there," Lough said.

Apps to download for your travel plans:

Road Ninja

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