Tropical Storm Isaac affecting gas prices

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The affects of Isaac are already being seen across the country at the gas pumps.

Drivers say in the past three days they have already seen a dramatic jump in gas prices, and worry fuel could become even more expensive if Tropical Storm Isaac leaves behind a whirlwind of damage.

"I drive a lot so using gas, gas prices would effect me a lot," Kevin Heady said.

"I'm in the used car business and it makes the gas prices higher. It makes the sports utilities and cars get harder to sell," Carl Weaver said.

"We have six vehicles we run in the metroplex and it costs a lot of money to fill them up," Gary Sweatman said.

Madalyne Lange, Vice President of Douglass Distributing, says about 72 percent of production in the Gulf is already shut down.

"Anything that disrupts the supply anywhere in the country, for that matter any where in the world has an effect on gas prices," Lange said.

She says the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port has suspended offloading which will be one of the biggest impacts on fuel prices.

"It receives all of the shipments of crude oil coming in from the Middle East or South America, and so therefore our crude supply will be interrupted because of that shut down," Lange said.

Lange says she does not expect Isaac will have as big of an affect as Katrina, but only time will tell. She says refineries could be up and running soon if they do not see any damage, but if they do then gas prices could continue to go up.

"If there's flooding involved and the refineries are flooded it just delays the start up. The start up takes several days. When they shut them down completely then it takes a long time to start them back up," Lange said.

Right now, on average, a gallon of regular gas is $3.57 in Texas and $3.59 in Oklahoma. Both are well below the national average of $3.74.

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