Tucker Tower and Nature Center open at Lake Murray

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Just in time for summer Lake Murray State Park has added two attractions to enhance visitors' nature experience: a recently updated Tucker Tower and a new nature center.

Now park-goers are taking it all in.

"So far I like what I see," said Clay Brock, who visited the park Wednesday for the first time in 5 years and took a walk through the new nature center.

"I grew up in Marietta and I'm just coming to see what they changed."

The $3 million, 4,000 square foot nature center sits at the foot of the trails leading to Tucker Tower.

Park naturalist mark Teders explains the center's theme

"A lot of the exhibits pertain to water and conservation and preservation and water usage and how we can conserve water," Teders said.

But that's just part of what's new at the park.. A short trail walk leads you to the base of the newly renovated Tucker Tower.

That project cost half a million dollars, which went toward a laundry list of repairs and upgrades.

"We scaffolded all around it and fixed all the cracks and the rust and the wear and tear on the building that's occurred over the last seventy years," said Teders.

Teder also said the improvements have brought a steady flow of visitors so far, and as summer heats up he expects people to keep trickling in.

"As schools let out and people start taking their family vacations business will pick up quite a bit," he said.

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