Turner ISD investigating faculty member

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Turner ISD officials tell us they are investigating basketball coach Darin Gammill for allegations of misconduct with female students.

Gammill was put on administrative leave last week. Since then he has not coached any games.

Superintendent Leslie Christian declined to comment on camera about the allegations, but said this in a statement:

"The school is aware of allegations. We have completely and thoroughly investigated the allegations and will be taking appropriate actions based upon the results of the investigation.Because this is a confidential matter I cannot comment further."

So far, we're told there's no criminal investigation into Gamil.

A special meeting of the Turner Board of Education has been called for tomorrow. The online agenda states that they will discuss the possible resignation of the superintendent.

UPDATE- just a day after we reported turner school's basketball coach is being investigated for allegations of misconduct We learn the turner superintendent will resign.

Superintendent Leslie Christian sent us this statement:

"This is not a difficult time for me regarding my resignation. My resignation has nothing to do with the confidential personnel matter. It is merely coincidence that these two matters are taking place at the same time."

A report from the "Oklahoman" from May 2004 shows Gammill had been let go from Newcastle High School, due to inappropriate behavior.

Another article published in the "Express Star" from February 2009 states that Gammill was suspended as the Alex Schools basketball coach, based on complaints received from a parent.

According to court records, no criminal charges were ever filed against Gamil.