Two years after deadly tornado, Tushka takes home state title

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TUSHKA, OK-Tushka's Lady Tigers softball team beats all odds to bring home the state title, two years after a deadly tornado ripped through their town.

It's been a difficult couple of years for the Lady Tigers since much of their town, along with their softball field, was destroyed by the tornado. For more than a year, they had to travel up to Atoka or down to Caney just to play. But despite of all that, the team pulled through last night's softpitch tournament against the state's number one seed as champions.

"It was really just insane to me. Amazing. I don't know, I just went crazy."

"I'm pretty sure my heart stopped beating there for a second. I jumped up so high and I don't know how I got that high, but it was the best feeling i'll ever have."

Tushka Lady Tigers, Katelyn Cook and Haley Cops, were still in awe after beating number 1 Dale at the Slowpitch State Softball Tournament in Oklahoma City Wednesday. Softball coach, David Durbin said he couldn't be any prouder of his team.

"You gotta have good kids to buy into the program. You gotta have good kids to be successful," he said.

"It means everything, I've never been so proud of my team before. We've never played so good for three games. We just played great the whole day," said Cops.

But that win didn't come easy for the Lady Tigers.

Their softball field was destroyed by the tornado that struck the town of Tushka two years ago and has just been rebuilt last year along with the baseball field. And athletes said this win not only brought the team together, but also the community, which made victory even sweeter.

"It really affected the whole community really, in a big way, because we had people in the team whose houses got hit and it really helped us come together and us to come together as a team too," said Cook.

"It got my house so it affected me in a lot of ways but I didn't stop I didn't quit. The team helped me move my stuff out of the house and it brought us a lot closer together," said Cops.

Despite the devastation left behind by the tornado, the Tushka community kept rebuilding and rallied behind the Lady Tigers.

"We've had more support this year I feel like than ever, from friends, family, he whole community really. They're really proud of it too," said Cook.

"It means a great deal. I mean it's been 49 years since they've had a state championship team and it's just good morale for the community," said Durbin.

The Lady Tigers beat number one Dale 12-10 to bring home the title.

Tushka's new school is expected to open in December.

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