Two Ardmore motorcyclists killed in crash over the weekend

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"The affect is gonna be, it's going to affect everybody. I mean, this is a huge loss. He was a treasured friend and a good brother," said Kurt Wolfe.

Wolfe is the vice president of the motorcycle club "Forsaken Few" based out of Ardmore. He says losing their president, 51 year old Thomas Garcia, or "Tonto" in a crash Sunday, will be tough on the whole group moving forward.

"They had been to a Memorial Day rally in Chico, Texas. They were in route back home in between Decatur and Gainesville," said Wolfe.

The Texas Highway Patrol says, Sunday evening, Garcia was northbound on his motorcycle, on FM 51 in Wise county near the Denton county line, when a Toyota four door, headed south, and passing a vehicle in a no passing zone, crashed into him and another motorcyclist.

Garcia died at the scene. His passenger, 33 year old Cassie Turner, died later at the hospital. The other biker, 33 year old Dustin Bailey of Ringling, was seriously injured.

Wolfe says, the entire community lost two caring and generous individuals. "Cassie and Tonto had been together for about 3 years," said Wolfe.

"He was a very easy going guy. He liked to make everybody happy and make sure that everybody was doing well and had what they needed," says Lynna Baldwin.

Baldwin says the club provides charity and volunteer services. Something, she says, Garcia was all about.

Baldwin said, "We try to do stuff for the community, and take care of children that don't have anything, and he was always out to make sure that stuff happened for them." Baldwin says the group will continue to serve and every good deed will be a tribute to Garcia and Turner.

"Just trying to go on and do what he would expect of me to do," said Baldwin.