Two Hugo buildings destroyed by bulldozer and tractor

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HUGO, OK -- Hugo Police say around eight Monday morning officers received a call about a bulldozer stuck on property in the 1700 block of West Jackson Street.

From there, officers traced the bulldozers tracks back to a neighboring property where the bulldozer was used to destroy a storage building previously used as a steel yard.

"We're not exactly sure if the bulldozer was piloted through its run or if they started the bulldozer and let it go by itself," said Hugo police Sgt. Investigator Billy Jenkins.

Investigators say they also discovered a tractor that had been driven through the wall of an empty office building on the same property.

"In a fashion similar to the bulldozer, they had taken the tractor and knocked down a few things around the back of the office building and then drove the tractor into the office building," said Jenkins. "Then parked it with the front-end loader lodged through the wall."

The property with the damaged buildings is listed for sale and police say both the bulldozer and the tractor were originally parked on that property. They believe the vandalism was carried out by a single suspect.

"There was really nothing there to led us to believe there was more than one person," said Jenkins.

Police say the property owner is waiting on an insurance agent to look at the damage to give an estimate, in the meantime, the investigation is ongoing.

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