Two Oklahoma convenience stores allegedly robbed at gunpoint

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MARIETTA & ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA -- Two suspects are behind bars after allegedly robbing two Oklahoma stores at gunpoint.

Love County Undersheriff Harvey Stewart says the suspects robbed a Marietta convenience store, then headed to Ardmore where they robbed another store at gunpoint, before being apprehended.

Authorities say around 10:30 this morning, the suspects walked into Lazy Man's Corner off Oswalt Road and Highway 77.

A store clerk says the suspects knocked down the store's video surveillance system, then demanded money at gunpoint.

The clerk says he gave the suspects a couple hundred dollars from the register, and they took off.

Stewart says those suspects then went on to rob an Ardmore convenience store at gunpoint, before being arrested by police.

We have put calls out to Ardmore police for more information, but our calls have not been immediately returned.

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