Two Paris men arrested for arson fires

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PARIS, TX - Two Paris men have been arrested for Sunday's arson fires.

29-year old Jonathan Dunken and 28-year old Dion Wymore are charged with two counts of arson, burglary of a building and theft of property.

Investigators determined a van was stolen from ABC Learning Center, then used to burglarize Fraizer Metal Works over the weekend. Authorities say the two men stole tools and used acetone and paint thinner to start the fire.

Fire Marshal Dale Maberry says investigators were able to connect the men from a fire earlier this month.

"Once we determined the van had been stolen, it was in the area of a suspect of a previous fire last month." said Maberry. "From that we went to the scene and we found it out it was a burglary, we felt like they were connected."

Dunken bonded out this afternoon and Wymore is still being held on $31,500 worth of bonds.

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