Two dogs found shot dead in Bennington man's front yard

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BENNINGTON, OK -- A Bennington man wants answers after he found his family dog shot to death in his front yard and another dog dead.

Vinko is a dachshund and he's been a part of Lewis Brandy's family for ten years. But, after a normal routine of going outside turned deadly for the dog, the family wants something to be done about it.

We'd like to warn you, some people may find these images graphic.

"When I came outside he was laying under that tree right there."

Bennington resident, Lewis Brandy, says his dog Vinko was let out to use the restroom in the middle of the storms Tuesday night. But, when Vinko didn't scratch on the door to be let back in, it had the family worried. He couldn't find the dog but figured he'd be ok outside. But, this morning he found Vinko dead in the front yard.

"He had all kinds of blood on him and he was shot, it looked like he was shot with a small caliber behind his head. Then I looked over there and the other dog was over there," Brandy said.

Brandy says he doesn't know whose dog this is, but he's seen it wander the streets before.

He says Vinko was not a threat to anyone, and he doesn't understand why someone would shoot a small harmless dog.

"Every where I went he went with me, biggest part of the time. He's just another member of the family," he said.

Brandy says Bennington police came out, but didn't take a report and didn't provide him with any answers.

He was told Bennington has a leash law, but Brandy says it isn't enforced and several stray dogs roam the area.

He hopes authorities can find out who killed Vinko. Until then, he's at a loss for words.

"I just can't get over it. Just a little old dog like that, and they do something like that to him. It's just uncalled for," Brandy said.

We made several attempts to contact the Bennington Police Department for a comment, but we never got a response.

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