Two fires in Paris related

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PARIS, TX - The Paris Police and Fire Department are investigating two fires over the weekend, that they believe are related and neither was an accident.

When firefighters arrived to Frazier's Metal Designs in the 1800 block of Pine Bluff, around two Sunday morning, the shop was already engulfed in flames.

Owner Tommy Frazier says he's owned the shop for 16 years and can't believe its gone and it's even harder to believe someone would intentionally cause this destruction

"I knew that no one was in here and no one was hurt, but it was still disappointing for somebody to break in and steal your stuff and then set your building on fire." said Frazier.

As firefighters were battling the blaze another call came in, of a second fire.

"Another call came in about a van, a passenger van, burning over on Clarksville." said Fire Chief Larry Wright. "We are assuming these two are linked together."

Chief Wright believes the van was used in the burglary of the metal works shop, then someone tried to get rid of the evidence.

"The van was stolen at a child care facility, used in the burglary of the building and then taken to a different location where it was set on fire." said Wright.

After seeing his late father-in-law's tackle box in a different location than where he had left it, Frazier knew someone had broken in.

"That tackle box was out in the back side of the main room opened up, like somebody had been rambling through it, so we knew somebody had been in here." said Frazier.

Frazier is waiting to hear from his insurance company to see if his business can be saved.

"There's a possibility that there may not be enough insurance on it to reopen, so it might be one of my hobbies that's down the drain." said Frazier.

If you have information about either fire, you're urged to contact Paris Police.

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