Two heroes disappear before family can thank them

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RENO, TX - Two anonymous strangers forever changed the lives of a Reno family, but these men disappeared before the family could thank them.

Sly Woodworks owner, Larry Young was going through his everyday routine, with his two year old granddaughter Macy at the shop.

The two went outside to talk to his son and the next thing they knew, little Macy was missing.

"At that point I saw cars stopped all in the road in front of my business, which is an extremely busy road." said Young. "I was just expecting obviously the worst."

Two men driving by saw Macy in the street and immediately stopped, put their vehicles sideways blocking traffic, saving Macy's life.

"As I got a little bit closer, I just snatched her out of his arms and actually just came back to the shop." said Young. "The thing I regret I never even recall saying thank you."

Sly Woodworks, in Reno, is off the busy highway 82 East, with cars whizzing by at 55 miles per hour.

Reno Police Chief Matt Birch wants the opportunity to show his gratitude to the heroes.

"Good Samaritans, honestly good Samaritans now days are hard to come by." said Birch. "We'd like to know who they were too, to thank them and tell them how much we appreciate helping out our community."

Young says he doesn't know if he has the words to express to the men of how grateful he is.

"I probably would just hug them like a long lost brother or something and just cry." said Young.

Young's mother reminded him of a prayer he said at church, just a day before.

"I said Lord, while school is about to be out and all the dangers." said Young. "There will be kids around swimming pools and lakes and pools and all other things, I said will you just put an extra guardian angel around everyone of these children."

The family is trying to reach out to their heroes by posting on Facebook and they even put a sign outside the shop reading:

"The two men who saved the little girl in the road, please stop and come in."

If anyone knows who these two heroes are, there is a family a Reno that would like to thank you.

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