2 arrested after driving into Sherman pond

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SHERMAN, TX - Sherman police say Gary Tramell thought he was following a friend home from a club Sunday morning, but he was actually following a stranger, who accidentally led him right into a pond at the end of a dead end road.

James Draper was house sitting for his son on CrimsonWood drive, in Sherman, when he heard a knock at the door around 3 a.m Sunday morning.

"There was a man beating on the door, he said they'd had an accident, he and his buddy. I told him I'd call 911," said Graper.

Sherman Police arrived on scene just a few minutes later. Officers say 62 year old Gary Lynn Tramell thought he was following his friend home from a Denison Club.

"They had gone up one of the neighbors driveways and they'd followed each other into the tank dam and into the water," said Graper.

Tramell told police he couldn't get the other man out of his vehicle, and was worried his friend had drowned. But divers didn't find a body, and when they recovered the vehicle, it was empty.

Police contacted Tramell's friend and he was at home, safe and sound. Officers found the person Tramell was actually following was the owner of the empty vehicle, 37 year old Sergio Comacho who fled the scene.

Investigators say Tramell had been mistakenly following Comacho, thinking it was his friend. And when Comacho realized he was being followed, he fled at a high rate of speed.

Police say it appears Comacho was trying to cut across an open field, not realizing he was approaching a pond.

Police arrested Comacho for leaving the scene of an accident. Tramell was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

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