Two new businesses coming to Whitesboro

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WHITESBORO, TX -- WHITESBORO, TX -- Change is on the menu in the city of Whitesboro.Officials say the community is growing and with growth comes new businesses.

"Well folks in Texas love Whataburger," said resident, Chris Stewart.

Whitesboro residents like Stewart say they are thrilled to have a Whataburger and Brookshire's coming to town.

Whitesboro Economic Development Director, Lynda Anderson, says their community is growing.

She says these with their convenient locations, and all the traffic to and from the lake, these two businesses will bring even more people to town.

"They will increase our tax base, as well as bring a variety to our community, as well as create new jobs," Anderson said.

She estimates Whataburger and Brookshire's will create anywhere from 20 to 100 new jobs.

Anderson says Whitesboro's population has almost doubled during the last decade, growing from 2,000 - 4,000 residents.

"That's encouraging to me because it means our economy is coming back. As far as it bringing new jobs to our community, its bringing new people to our community," Anderson said.

Anderson says they are still in the early stages of development with Brookshire's.

Project site manager, Jim Morris, says Whataburger is expected to finish at the end of April.

"Construction's going real well right now, we're ahead of schedule and we hope to stay on schedule," Morris said.

Stewart says he and other residents are excited they'll be able to get what they need right here in town.

"The convenience is great," Stewart said. "To not have to make that trip is definitely something the folks are gonna enjoy having."

Anderson says new truck stops and local clothing stores will also be opening up in town.

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