Two projects to bring hundreds of jobs to Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX - An area business is expanding, and a new call center operation for Direct Connect is locating in Sherman. Both will create new jobs and revenue for the city.

Two projects will bring 160 jobs to Sherman within the next 12 months, according to the president of Sherman's Economic Development Corporation, Scott Connell, "one of them is the expansion of the Globitech manufacturing facility."

The other is a new call center operation moving into Jamestown Plaza.

We're gonna go ahead and offer a lot of positions that will be opening coming up and we need a hundred people hired by May 1st," said Direct Connect CEO Tim Lund.

Direct Connect will provide sales and support services for businesses using credit and debit cards and equipment from the new call center--Lund says they'll offer 150 jobs this year--and eventually they'll expand their staff to 250 employees.

"The opportunity is great for every single person to come out and get employed by a great company," said Lund.

And a 9.6 million dollar expansion will create 10 new jobs at Globitech in Sherman's Progress Park.

"We are very excited to have a company of their caliber continue to invest in our market," said Connell.

SEDCO's agreed to an incentive grant of $480,000 for the Globitech expansion, and an incentive of $300,000 for Direct Connect's new call center.

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