Two Military men honored

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DENISON, TX-- The U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division, Horse Cavalry Detachment rode into town, not only to put on a show for Texoma, but more importantly, to honor two military heroes.

"We are hear to help support this military service award that are going out to these fine military personal here, that are active duty," said, Specialist Patrick "Waco" Newman.

Oklahoma Native, Army Ranger, Sgt. Kelly Fields and Texas Native, Army Captain Drew Dornstadter, were honored by Reba's Ranch House., Texoma Health Foundation, and Judge Drue Bynum. They were given the 2012 Military Service Award and a Reba Autographed Plaque.

Fields, originally from Gore, Oklahoma has been deployed over seas 3 times.

"It's the best way for me to put it, I feel honored to be here."

Dornstadter, who's from Sherman, has been deployed 4 times.

"This is really a rare occasion I think, for a community to reach out in that way. And not just reach out, then present us with things as gifts as appreciation, it's really touching and beyond what we would expect, really nice."

The awards were followed by a famous performance by the 1st-Cav Horse Detachment.

The soldiers recreated traditions, techniques, and tactics of the U.S. Army during the Indian Wars.

An America Legion State commander Of Texas, Jim Fleming, has never seen the show.

"This is pretty fantastic how accurate they are with their weapons and everything, you know. It was really great, really great."