TxDOT denies Pottsboro's request for traffic lights at dangerous intersection

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POTTSBORO, TX -- T intersection of Highway 289 and FM 120 in Pottsboro has been the site of many accidents over the past few years.

"As a parent, we go around it, we avoid it, we go everywhere but 289 and 120," said Pottsboro resident, Marlon.

Many Pottsboro residents say they'll go to extremes to avoid this intersection.

They say they've seen too many accidents here and they want traffic lights installed.

Pottsboro city officials sent TxDOT a traffic light request back in November, but after a TxDOT study, that request was denied.

"They look at things like the amount of traffic in the location, the amount of accidents, the number of pedestrian activity, and school children going through, and the size of the community even," City Manager, Kevin Farley, said.

Farley says the intersection did not meet all the requirements needed for traffic lights.

Farley says they do have the option resubmit, but would need to hire an engineer to study traffic projections based on potential growth.

"I think that's our first step to get preliminary cost estimates to see if we have the funds available now to do that," Farley said.

Farley says there have been 27 accidents since the Highway 289 extension opened in 2009.

11 of those happened after they installed flashing lights in 2012.

"With the increase in growth and the increase of development out there, the number of accidents is just going to go up and eventually, and we certainly hope it doesn't happen but eventually there's gonna be a fatality out there," Farley said.

"It just feels scary and open and you don't think anyone is gonna stop either way," Marlon said. "You're coming down 289 and you're scared when you someone on 120, and everyone around here I know feels the same way."

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