TxDOT kicks off summer road sign replacement project

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Kevin Jackson is in Sherman on a business trip from Atlanta. And he's not very familiar with the Grayson County highway system.

"Right now driving around at night, I'm very nervous," he said.

That's because he said the road signs are sometimes hard to see - until he's right on top of them.

"And by that time, you gotta make a decision really quick," he said.

But that's changing.

TX-DOT Spokesman Tray Turner said they're in the process of changing out road signs.

"Signs are really important to Tx-DOT, so we need to make sure that they have the reflectivity, and they're big enough and bright enough to see," he said.

He said many of the signs in Grayson County are aging.

"It may be faded, it may have lost it's reflectivity. It may be vandalized with graffiti and so forth," he said.

Workers plan to replace signs along US-75 frontage roads from 1417 to the Red River, and along Highway 82 from the Highway 75 intersection to the Cooke County line.

"Not every sign will be replaced, just the ones they deem necessary," he said.

Workers started marking signs this week that they plan to replace.

"We're hoping by the end of August they should have everything done. Of course, that's weather permitting," he said.

He said drivers should expect some delays this summer - and cautions drivers to stay safe driving through work zones.

"Four out of every five fatalities that happen in work zones are the drivers," he said.

Jackson said though he won't be here long...he's happy to see safety is a top priority.

"Especially for people who are from out of town. It'll help out a whole lot."

Tx-DOT said the project costs around $300,000. They plan to start putting up the new signs after Memorial Day.

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