TxDOT moves forward with Loy Lake Bridge construction

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SHERMAN, TX -- TxDOT officials say construction is underway on the Loy Lake Bridge.

Thursday night, they held a public meeting to update drivers on the project timeline.

TxDOT officials say crews will be working diligently to get this $5.6 million project complete in the next year.

They say once the project is finished it should help relieve congestion for drivers, but not without some detours along the way.

In the next year, TxDOT officials hope to complete the Loy Lake Bridge expansion, and provide a safer route for drivers crossing the bridge.

"We're taking it from two lanes to four lanes, widening it, and hopefully allow traffic to flow better," said TxDOT Public Information Officer, Ryan LaFontaine. "The benefits are great. It's gonna benefit this community, and benefit the people that live around here and use that bridge everyday."

LaFontaine says crews have already started phase one, which includes building the substructures and columns that will hold up the bridge.

Once that phase is complete, Area Assistant Engineer, Tommy Henderson, says they will begin widening the bridge.

"We will build the inside lanes of the north bound and south bound of the frontage road," said Henderson. "After that we'll move into phase three where we'll open the bridge back up, and put traffic on the inside lanes of the frontage roads and build the east side of US-75."

Henderson says the bridge is expected to close sometime in mid August.

And when that happens, people like Yuvan Franco who manages Palios restaurant in Town Center, will have to find another way to get to work.

"I think it's going to be a little annoying having to go around, and probably be a little late depending on how bad traffic is," Franco said.

And he says that detour may cost some business.

"If we have more traffic here it may bring us more business," Franco said. "But if they take other routes, our business may go down a little."

TxDOT will also be making some aesthetic improvements which includes colored and textured concrete on the medians and painting the bridge.

Henderson says TxDOT plans on having another open house before they close the bridge to inform drivers of the detours and routes they can take.

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