TxDOT resurfacing parts of Texoma Parkway

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Travelers along Texoma Parkway should get ready for some delays.

TxDOT will re-surface the roadway from Hwy 75 to Spur 503.

Construction started last Friday.

David Selman, TxDOT area engineer, said the project will cost just under $3 million.

He said it should be finished by early November.

"Folks typically, whenever they're traveling on a roadway - they like for a roadway to be nice - they travel along the roadway saying 'boy, I wish they'd fix this roadway,'" he said. "Then when we get out there and fix the roadway they're a little upset, sometimes maybe get impatient with us."

Selman said anyone driving through the area should add 10 to 15 minutes to their drive time - or just find an alternate route.

"We just ask folks to be patients and watch out for the workers that are out there," he said.

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