U.I.L. sets new rules for pre-season training

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DENISON, TX-With more triple-digits in the forecast, the University Interscholastic League set some new rules to protect high school athletes from the heat.
Victoria Maranan spoke with local coaches and athletes oin what they think of the new regulations.
Monday, high school football practice started all over Texas, including Bonham, Whitewright and Gunter, under the sweltering sun.
The intense heat can put athletes at risk for heat-related illnesses. That's why the UIL now bans having "two-a-day" practices outside on consecutive days and during the first few days of pre-season training.

"I think the rules are made to benefit the kids and benefit the coaches obviously and there's a lot more thought process that went into it."

Denison Athletic Director Chad Rogers said they keep an eye on their athletes as they practice outside, especially when it's 100-plus degrees.

"Oh you know, every time you get to face heat, it's a little hotter than it's been going. But with the trainers and the strength and conditioning and the trainers watching them, in my experience it's been okay," he said.

"It's just a chance for us to get better but it's still heat. You don't look that forward to it but you look forward to getting better and getting ready for the season," said Denison wide receiver, Jaleel Dade.

The new rules also state that once teams practice twice a day, they are required to give players at least a two hour break between sessions; which Rogers said will change their practice schedule.

"We're gonna do a walk through period in the afternoon, but we're actually gonna do film and do a lot of individual teaching because you can't have helmets, nothing, in the walkthrough. Which is a good time to kinda slow it down to teach the game," he said.

"I love it, it sounds great to me so I don't have to do that much in the heat so it makes me feel so much better," said Dade.

The rules also limits daily practices to five hours. Rogers said their practices never take that long.

"I do believe in doing things right and doing them correctly. And I think if you can do it right and do it short and get out there and have fun doing it, I think it's better than a long time. So I haven't had a long practices, so the adjustment it's not gonna be hard for us," he said.

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