UPDATE: Sherman Police find body of missing woman

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SHERMAN, TX -- Sherman Police say they have found the body of a Sherman woman who went missing this week and have made an arrest in her death. Police say they found Sarah Lindsey Swaim's body in a rural part of Grayson County Friday afternoon. Officers are not releasing the exact location, but they have told us they have arrested Swaim's boyfriend 31-year-old Gregory Shane Bailey.

Authorities say evidence discovered during their investigation led them to believe Bailey killed Swaim. Police say Bailey was arrested around 5:40 Friday in the 1000 block of Star St. in Denison.

Investigators say Bailey reported Swaim missing yesterday evening. They say evidence inside her home led them to believe that she may have been a victim of foul play. One man, who wants to be known only as James says he worked with Bailey and spent time with the couple.

"The first thing that came to my head was did Shane do it because I knew how scared, she always acted like she was nervous like she was scared to speak out, like she was walking on thin ice," "James" said.

Police say Bailey was booked into the Grayson County Jail and is being held on murder charges.

Police are still investigating.


Story prior to update:

Nicolette Schleisman spoke with Swaim's neighbors and police earlier in the day.

Sarah Swaim was last seen at her home in the Shadow Mountain Village Mobile Home park Wednesday night at 10.

Police are now calling the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, suspicious.

"Sarah, if you're listening, we don't know you very well, but we're praying that you're okay. And your little baby needs you. So come and be with your baby," said Cis Sagal.

Cis Sagal lives near Sarah Swaim, she and other neighbors say Swaim and her boyfriend kept to themselves.

But, Sagal says she does not seem like the type of person to just pick up and leave.

"After what i've seen and heard with my own eyes and ears, not what someone told me, it does concern me," said Sagal.

Swaim was officially reported missing Thursday evening but Sagal says she has not seen her in 10 days.

"She'd always be out with the dog. You know she'd be out on the porch or out walkin the dog and to not see her. She doesn't strike me as the flighty kind," said Sagal.

Sherman Police, Sherman Fire, DPS, nd the HAZ CO academy are all searching for Swaim. By air and by land.

The investigation is ongoing and little information is available, but Sergeant D.M. Hampton says the circumstances around Swaim's disappearance are suspicious, and they're using every resource to find her.

"Right now its just that we know that she's left and hasn't been seen since and there's ya know concern obviously about where she's at and so like I said the most important thing is to find her right now," said Sergeant Hampton.

But residents in the Shadow Mountain Village Mobile Home Park say, this is not normal for their neigborhood.

"I love this neighborhood its quiet. And I know my kids and my friends kids can go across the street and not have to be worried about being hit by a car," said Marccos Hernendez.

Sagal agrees, but says she wants Swaim to come home.

"I want her safe. Wherever she is, whatever she's doing, I am praying to God that she is safe and can come home to her baby," said Sagal.

Swaim is described as a white woman 5'10" tall, 115 pounds, with brown hair, and green eyes.

If you have any information, you are urged to contact Sherman Police at (903) 892-7290.