Van crashes into Sherman health facility

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SHERMAN, TX -- An elderly man was taken to the hospital after the van he was driving slammed into a Sherman health facility Monday afternoon. Kristen Shanahan was at the scene and talked with a witness who watched it all happen.

A van crashed into Texas Health Presbyterian WNJ's Behavioral Health Services building just after 2 p.m. Clinical Supervisor Rochelle Govindasamy was outside when it happened.

"I saw this vehicle approaching from the right hand side going at a real rapid speed and I kind of turned to look and thought he slowed down, but he went straight into the building," Govindasamy said.

Kris Akin was sitting in his office.

"I heard a loud crash like a freight train," Akin said.

Govindasamy says she immediately ran to help the man.

"He was able to tell us his name and his residence and stated he didn't remember where he was or if he even remembered getting into the car and driving," Govindasamy said.

"She did a great job at first response. Definitely making sure the gentleman was okay," Akin said.

Sherman Police say 92-year-old J.W. Hoover - a resident at Pecan Point Assisted Living -- was driving the van. They say it appears he was having medical issues at the time of the crash. Officers say he was taken to Texoma Medical Center with minor injures.

"I'm just glad we're all okay and i'm glad that the gentleman is okay," Govindasamy said.

Govindasamy says the vehicle crashed into room 14 where a patient had been staying.

"There was a patient in there earlier today and fortunately he was discharged home so, but we are very lucky," Govindasamy said.

Texas Health Presbyterian employees say the crash left behind thousands of dollars in damage and they will have to reconstruct at least one room.

"I don't know if it was a coincidence I'm just glad that nobody was in there so there was no fatalities. I'm really happy about that," Govindasamy said.