Veteran married couple share the meaning of Memorial Day

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ADA, OK -- Memorial Day is a special day celebrated across the country. Parades, barbeques, and parties often come to mind. But for some, it means so much more than that.

"To me it means honoring our fallen, those who were left behind also," said veteran, James Kercheval.

James Kercheval and his wife, Tammy, are Ada area veterans. James served in the army, and Tammy in the Navy. Kercheval says serving overseas during war takes courage and bravery, and people should show appreciation to those service men and women.

"Even without Memorial Day, those that serve should be recognized and honored everyday. Cause your average joe isn't just going out there and putting themselves on the line for this country," said Kercheval.

Kercheval's wife, Tammy, says Memorial Day has always been an important holiday for the family. As kids, both grew up with family in the military. She says patriotism has increased over the years, especially since the attacks on 9/11, and younger generations are starting to gain a greater understanding of the importance of this day.

"You didn't see that before then. Kids thanking veterans. We had one a couple weeks ago that walked up to my husband, and people come up to him and say thank you," said Kercheval.

She says that showing support is important because it lets veterans know they are appreciated. And James says sometimes a simple gesture is really all that's needed.

"We're not looking at parades, or anything like that. Just a simple thank you, and those words right there...have an enormous impact," said Kercheval.

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