Veterans walk across the U.S. in support of the Constitution

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COOKE COUNTY, TX -- In the next few days, you may see two veterans carrying a flag down Highway 82. Morgan Downing caught up with the men, and tells us why they're marching all the way from San Diego to Washington D.C.

Drivers along Highway 82 between Muenster and Lindsey saw a different sight along their route Saturday; the waving American flag and veterans Jerry Oliver and Mark Lanham carrying it. The two have made it their mission to walk more than 2,600 miles across the country.

"I'm retired from the U.S. State Department as a diplomat and I came back to a different America, and I decided to do a walk across America in support of the U.S. Constitution," Jerry Oliver said.

After saving money for 3 years, Oliver Teamed up with Lanham. The two began the journey from San Diego to Washington D.C. in May. They travel about 13 miles a day and pass out a copy of the Constitution to everyone they meet.

"I want them to learn that we've still got a Constitution and we're still the United States of America," Mark Lanham said.

"We want people to read it. You know, everybody wants a copy but sometimes they just don't get around to buying one," Oliver said "So, we're passing them out and every body is appreciating them. And we want people to know what their freedoms are."

"I think what they're doing is awesome. I think that more people do need to realize what our freedoms are. I'm glad that they gave me a copy. I would love to read it," Muenster resident Cassie Sickling said.

The two say they aren't affiliated with any political group. They say once they reach Washington D.C., they hope to have their voices heard.

"We're going to remind them, it's still we the people, not you the government. The government is here for our convenience. We're not here for their convenience. And we're going to speak very loudly and we hope to represent all of Americans," Oliver said.

They say although the walk is difficult, they're inspired to keep moving along.

"When people drive by and they'll pull up and give us a hug, or say hi, or really just honk the horn and you're standing there holding that flag, It just makes you want to keep going until you get that next horn honk. It's just amazing to me," Lanham said.

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