Veterinarians warn about dangers of feed pets table scraps

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Dr. David Tidwell at the Texoma Veterinary Hospital said the day after Thanksgiving, their clinic mostly sees animals who've eaten Thanksgiving day table scraps.

"They're not used to eating those types of food, so when there's a big variance and big shift in what they eat, then they're gonna be more likely to have problems," he said.

He said common symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. But in some cases, it could be life threatening.

"If they eat like, turkey skins, fatty foods, things like that, it can cause inflammation in the pancreas which is an organ in the abdomen, and it can cause a life threatening illness in a lot of dogs," he said.

He said dog owners usually feel generous at holiday meals, and give them more table food than they normally would.

Jennifer Mathews, owner of Top Dog Salon, said she hears stories all of time of dogs getting sick from table food.

"It's so easy to give them, a little taste of this, little taste of that," she said.

But even if you voluntarily resist giving your dog table food, you may not be out of the woods. Dogs can get into food left laying around.

"Because there's company over, you're gonna have more food that is getting thrown out," Tidwell said.

And Mathews said your guests - and your trash cans - can be possible sources of table scraps for your pets.

"The best thing to do is to contain your dog while company is over, or while you're eating," she said.

Tidwell said if you can't resist giving your dog scraps, give them a small amount of low fat turkey or a little bit of vegetables.

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