Victims parents of Paris' quadruple homicide speak out

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PARIS, TX-- The parents of four homicide victims sat down with News 12 Friday expressing concern about the speed of the investigation.
They say six months is way too long for this case to go unsolved.

They're speaking out hoping someone will come forward with answers, and the closure these families desperately need.

Just before midnight October 9, 2013, Paris Police were called to a home at 435 NE 6th street.

Inside, investigators found the bodies of Romello Steward, Devante Akins, Brijonne Woods and Billy Carey.

The families say no parent should ever have to bury their child.

"I was working, I couldn't function so I quit my job," said Romello Steward's mother Moneque. "It's a healing process and I don't know how long it's going to take me to heal."

"Do you see my face? Does it look like I'm healing," said Devante Akins father Demontra.

Friday, Billy Carey's mother, Carmen, made her first trip to Paris since the killings. She says her son moved here to make a better life for himself, and get out of the big city.

"He was so happy that he moved to Paris," said Carmen Carey.

Steward says she will never be able to drive down NE 6th street again.

"I didn't have him on that street," said Moneque Steward. "If I had him on that street I could go down it, but I lost him on that street."

No arrests have been made in the case but the parents believe more than one person is responsible for the crimes.

"It had to be someone they were comfortable with because they didn't try to fight back," said Brijonne Woods' mother Damekia. "They didn't try to make a way out, they went in and killed our children."

The families say they won't even begin to heal until justice is served. Until then, they lean on family.

"He's gone but he's not because I look at his brothers and I look at his daughter and it just puts a smile on my face," said Demontra Akins.

These families have a message for anyone out there who might have information about this crime.

"Don't be afraid. This could have been you and your family, but it was my family and my friends family," said Damekia Woods.

Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley says, the investigation has been hindered by the lack of witnesses, but they are continuing to follow up on new leads.

"This is something that we are going to do our dead level best to make sure that we come up with people that are responsible for this," said Hundley.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Paris Police.

You can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward through the Lamar County Crime Stoppers. Just call (903) 785-TIPS (8477).