Voters head to the polls in Primary Runoff

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX -- Early voting is underway for the May primary runoff involving some highly contested races.

Monday, signs continued to pop up around Grayson County as early voting got underway.

Deana Patterson works with the Grayson County elections office.

"It is one of our inalienable rights, and we always like to see the voters turn out," said Patterson.

One of the highly publicized races across Grayson County is between former Sherman Mayor Bill Magers and current Grayson County Treasurer Trent Bass.

"I think we really need to work toward implementing a better transparency policy," said Bass.

"We've tried to run a clear issue oriented race. I think the voters in Grayson County have a clear choice in this election," said Magers.

In the March primary elections, Magers and Bass were the top two vote-getters.

Magers received 36 percent of the vote. Bass pulled in 27 percent; leading to the runoff.

Magers says, if elected, he wants to work on job creation.

"We need to put those tools together, put them in a tool box, wave the flag, bang the drum, and get companies looking at Grayson County Texas," said Magers.

Bass says he would bring the financial experience he's gained as county treasurer to the judgeship, to help the county better invest.

"Making smart investments in our county, to build out our infrastructure, is the other top priority," said Bass.

The other hot race is the race for the district four congressional seat.

"I think it's important for voters to see that you care, and that you're working hard to earn their vote," said congressional candidate John Ratcliffe

John Ratcliffe is running against incumbent Congressman Ralph Hall.

He hopes voters get behind his ideas for change; of bringing fiscal sanity to Washington by helping balance the budget.

"You know my opponent Ralph Hall has been in Washington for 34 years, and the sentiment of the electorate out there is we like Ralph Hall, we just think he's been there too long," said Ratcliffe.

We reached out to Congressman Hall to offer him a chance to comment but were told by his secretary he was in meetings in Washington all day.

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