Walls raised for Denison family's new Habitat for Humanity home

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DENISON, TX -- Grayson County Habitat for Humanity has been building homes from the ground up in the area for years. Saturday, they began work on their 28th home, which will be built in Denison. Morgan Downing introduces us to the home's recipients -- the Fogarity family.

Saturday's raising of the walls is the first sign of progress on Lenita, Danielle, and Sierra Fogarity's new home.

"It is so exciting and so overwhelming. I've had to fight back the tears today. We are just blessed," Lenita said,

Nearly 50 Habitat for Humanity volunteers had a hand in making this day special for the Fogaritys.

The three ladies have put in a lot of hard work -- several hundred hours to be exact -- to get to this point. In order to qualify for a home with the organization, each recipient has to help build other homes in addition to theirs.

"It's rewarding feeling like you're doing God's work and a blessing to other people," Lenita said.

"A lot of the regulars that have worked on a lot of houses with me, they're just so nice. The guys, they're just like grandpas," Danielle said.

"It's kind of a chance for new beginnings for a family. A family who has never owned a home before and who has always rented, gets the chance to own their very first home," Executive director Laurie Mealy said.

Reporter: "What are you most excited about?"

"Two bathrooms. With three girls we're always fighting for the bathroom," Lenita answered.

Their home is expected to be complete just in time for Christmas.

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