Wapanucka city officials discuss water superintendent's salary

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WAPANUCKA, OK-A public meeting about Wapanucka's water problems set for Thursday was cancelled and, instead, the city council met Wednesday night in executive session.

Residents we talked to said they are not happy the meeting was moved to Wednesday. They said the city canceled Thursday's public meeting and called for a special council meeting to be held behind closed doors.

Francis Bradshaw was one of several residents who waited outside Wednesday's meeting.

"I wish the board would kinda work a little more together I guess you could say. And to work more with the city and the city's wants and the city's concerns and be a little bit more considerate as far as letting us know what's going on by keeping us as a town informed," she said.

Mayor Sue Standifer said council members called for an executive session to discuss the salary of water superintendent, Jerry Yarberry. Standifer said all three councilors present agreed to cut Yarberry's"pay $2,000 less a month and agreed to hire someone else to fix leaks in water pipes, but would not give a reason why.

"We already struggle as the city and they already commented about being in the red at the end of every year. How are they gonna afford, even with him taking a paycut like he did, how are they still gonna afford to get another person, plus pay him in her to do the job that needs to be done?" Bradshaw said.

Options to fix Wapanucka's water issues permanently, for example, digging new wells, or buying water from Atoka, were not discussed in this meeting. Mayor Standifer said they will make that decision at another special meeting that will be set in the next few weeks.

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