Wapanucka city officials table decision on fixing water issues

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WAPANUCKA, OK-At Tuesday's Wapanucka city council meeting, officials discussed options to fix the city's ongoing water issues after hundreds of its residents recently went without water for almost a week.

An engineer with the city of Wapanucka said there are two options to fix the city's water issue, one is to drill three wells to test for groundwater and two is to buy water from Atoka's Rural Water District.

But city officials decided to table the decision.

"They're all good options, I mean, wells can be a good idea for sufficient source of water. Hooking on to Atoka's rural water I think, personally, I like that the best. But just whatever the town can afford," said Wapanucka resident, Drew Dennis.

Residents filled Wapanucka City Hall Tuesday discussing with city officials and engineers what they think is the best option to fix the city's water problem. The city engineer said drilling wells will cost the city $15,000, but there will be no guarantee if they will find water in them or if it will be safe for drinking. Another option is to buy water from Atoka, which will cost residents an additional $28 a month in their water bill.

City counselor, Doris Gooch said either option will increase Wapanucka's water rates, that's why they put the decision on hold to review the city's budget.

"We're in the red with free water. We have got to learn to maintain our expense and start budgeting ourselves better and getting things fixed up a little better. We have a lot of leaks," she said.

Gooch said the city currently has water and they will be fixing leaks on the water line to the water supply.

Another special meeting has been scheduled to look into these options again later this month. We'll keep following this story for you.

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