Water levels on the rise at Pat Mayse Lake

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX -- Pat Mayse Lake officials were worried entering the summer with the low water levels, but after the recent rainfall in the area water levels are on the rise.

In just a week the water level at Pat Mayse Lake has risen more than two and half feet and is up 12-percent from last week, bringing the lake to 85-percent full.

"Overall it looks better right now than where we were at two years ago and even last year going into the dry season," said Pat Mayse Lake Assistant Manager Issac Martin.

Camper Sandra Maynard says now that there's more water, more campers have made their way out to the lake.

"Now that they can get their boats in the water, you're going to see more and more people at the campsites," said Maynard. "In fact when we checked, all next week is booked up."

Maynard and her husband actually sold their boat after not being able to put it in the water the past few years.

"We used to own a pontoon boat and we eventually sold it because we couldn't even dock it at Pat Mayse anymore because the water level was so low," said Maynard.

Even with the higher levels several boat ramps remain closed. Lake officials warn people to get familiar with the lake before boating and to watch out for hazards.

"Avoid any areas where it looks like there is a discoloration in the water and make sure to look for low water buoys," said Martin.

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