Waurika Volunteer Fire Department holds 52nd annual Rattlesnake Hunt

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Some of these snakes were caught during Waurika's Rattlsnake Hunt on Saturday, and now the Volunteer Fire Department is reaping rewards from the reptiles.

"We put this on for our budget for the year.," said volunteer firefighter Mical Delaney. "The work starts when this is through on Sunday we're start working for next year's."

In the 52 years Waurika has held this hunt, the turnout has grown from hundreds to thousands. Saturday, Delaney hoped to see up to 5,000 visitors.

"Texas, Arkansas, Kansas..we've got some people in from Missouri that signed up on our mailing list yesterday," Delaney said.

Vendors--like Terry Shelton from Wichita Falls--said that high attendance makes the trek worth it.

"There's so much traffic that comes through here that it's a good opportunity for vendors to sell some of their products," Shelton said.

Amid the carnival, firefighters sell rattlesnake meat and skins in the hopes of rustling up enough money to buy new equipment and maybe some new engines.

"We like to update that stuff every several years for our safety," said Delaney. "So hopefully with the money raised this year we can buy new gear to fight house fires."

The hunt and festival will continue tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 5p.m.

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