West Nile cases low due to low turnout of mosquitos

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX -- Health Department officials say low mosquito turnout has contributed to the absence of high West Nile cases.

Mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus have been absent from Grayson County this summer.

In fact, the Grayson County Health Department says, they aren't finding as many mosquitoes as usual altogether.

"This year the trap counts are very low for some reason, and that, I don't know why," said Van Ulrich.

Van Ulrich works for the Health Department. He and his assistant Katy Osborn were picking up nine mosquito traps Friday, planted across the area this summer, to test whether or not any of the insects are carrying West Nile.

"This shows every trap that we did; the location and the number of mosquitoes caught," said Ulrich.

West Nile Reports from this year and last year show five Grayson County mosquito pools tested positive for West Nile in 2013.

The first was last August, trapped at a West Grayson County location.

Ulrich says last year, they would find 200 to 500 mosquitoes in a trap, significantly more than what they've found this year.

"Now we're seeing single digits mainly," said Ulrich.

Even with fewer mosquitoes and none testing positive thus far this summer, Osborn says Grayson County isn't out of the woods yet.

"Residents don't need to let their guard down, just because we're really early in the season," said Katy Osborn.

Ulrich says residents should practice the four D's for protection: dump water, dress appropriately, between dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are out, and use insect repellant that contains DEET.

Heath department officials says they will be putting these traps out until November.

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