Wet weather driving safety

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SHERMAN, TX-With flood watches already issued for Fannin and Lamar counties, law enforcement remind drivers to be extra careful driving in wet conditions, but so do car care experts.

Corey Johnson was driving down highway 75 Tuesday when he started losing control of his car.

"I was coming down on the highway and I guess for some reason there's a little water patch and I felt my car kinda got off but I held it," he said.

The same thing happened to April Meuller.

"It's really scary, I don't know what's gonna happen if I'm gonna get control of the wheel again or not," she said.

"The number one rule of any kind of inclement weather driving, especially in wet weather, is you have to slow down because it's gonna take you longer to stop on wet roads than it would in normal dry roads," said Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton.

He said drivers need to be extra careful driving in the rain and,while puddles may look harmless, water is very strong when there's a current.

"Once water starts getting a kind of depth to it, you can end up hydroplaning depending on the condition of your tires and how fast you're going. You can actually temporarily lose control where you can't even steer going through a puddle," said Hampton.

With flash flooding also a possibility, Ellis Truck and Auto Service Manager, David Ellis said driving through flood is not only dangerous, it's also bad for your car.

"Water we have around here causes corrosion in electrical systems. And that corrosion, even if you don't have a problem with it right as soon as it happens, but three to four months down the road or six months down the road, you'll start having corrosion issues with your connectors and stuff like that," he said.

Sgt. Hampton said if you see water on the road, turn around, don't drown.

"If it looks like it's impassable or something like that, you just need to go around it or drive through it very slowly. Don't take any sort of unnecessary risk or anything like that," he said.

"I would honestly stay indoors if it's flooding, I wouldn't be in the roads," said Meuller.

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