Whitesboro ISD responds to failed school bond

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WHITESBORO, TEXAS -- Whitesboro teachers Donna Alsup and Debbie Patterson are frustrated that the district's school bond failed.

"This was a bond that would've helped our children; keep them safe," Alsup said.

"What possibly could be more needed than that?" Patterson said.

Money from the proposed bond would have enclosed the detached buildings at Hayes Primary School. Right now, students have to walk outside to access the library, computer lab, cafeteria and auditorium.

"I don't think people understand that the children are really exposed, in difference to other schools where it's closed in," Patterson said.

Enclosing the school would have also added more classrooms, so that one class wouldn't have to meet in a closet.

"They're squished in there, but that's the only place we have that they can go that's not in a hall," Patterson said.

Superintendent Pete Slaughter is now looking to loans to pay for other improvements that the bond would have covered, like heating and air conditioning at the middle school.

"These are needs, it's not wants, it's not a luxury item that we're trying to look for," Slaughter said.

Slaughter worked to cut the proposed bond after it failed to pass the first time last November. The bond was slashed by nearly $6 million dollars down to $10.5 million.

"I put articles in the paper to please come see me, no one really ever did," Slaughter said.

Slaughter says he hosted four informational meetings about the bond, but no one showed.

Now the district must cut staff just to afford facility maintenance.

"There's some pressure on this district and in order to try to meet the needs that are out there for our kids," Slaughter said.

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