Feral hogs in Durant city limits

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DURANT, OK -- Hog hunting is a popular hobby for many Texomans,
but now instead of heading out to the country to hunt, the hogs are coming to them in the city.

Hog hunters say they've caught nine hogs in two different backyards recently. Right by the Southeastern baseball field, 30 hogs were caught in a month. One weighed 500 pounds. All within Durant's city limits.

"It's pretty scary. When I come out here to work in my flower garden I kind of look around first," Durant resident Jean Pearcy said.

Pearcy and her neighbors have a wild hog problem. This is a picture she took right outside her back door. You can see nine wild piglets.

"They kept coming and like they were gonna walk up on the patio. So, I opened the door and shooed them off," Pearcy said.

The wild hogs have been spotted in this neighborhood and near a lot of places in town.

"Right next to the high school, swimming pool, police station, highway patrol station. You know, a lot of kids in the nieghborhood area so I guess they're getting braver coming into town," Mark Rawlings said.

"It's kinda becoming a little bit of an issue," Chris Pierce said.

Pierce and Rawlings have set up traps in Pearcy's backyard and another resident's yard. They caught four in this trap, and five in this one. This is video from some of their catches.

"They're actually really smart so we have this top on them, because if we don't they'll crawl over the top," Pierce said.

In 2006, the Noble foundation reported there were over one million feral hogs in Oklahoma.

Rawlings believes that number has grown because hogs reproduce at rapid rates. So, he's worried that they won't be able to stop the ones in the city limits.

They reproduce so fast that I don't think it's gonna curve it much.

They keep the traps stocked with food, and kill each one they get.

Pearcy says she knows she got lucky that the ones who came so close to her back door were small.

"Of course we're concerned now because they're growing and I know as they grow very big they're not going to scatter as easily. In fact, they might not want to at all," Pearcy said.

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