Wind farms to come to Oklahoma

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MURRAY COUNTY, OK - Both EDP Renewables North America and Renewable Energy Systems America are still developing their wind farms.

One will be a 100 megawatt wind farm sending power to Nebraska. The other will provide electricity to over a half million people in Arkansas, but both will bring work to Oklahoma.

RES America plans to build on land west of I-35 in Murray county.

They said they'll hire up to ten permanent employees after their 75 turbine wind farm is complete.

EDP Renewables stimates they'll hire up to 20 people for their wind farm, which will have 50 turbines.

Both companies also say more construction jobs will be available as building gets underway.

Adam Renz with EDP Renewables explains why they chose Oklahoma for their wind farm.

"You guys have just fantastic, unencumbered areas where wind blows through at a very set pace and speed throughout the year," said Renz.

RES America's is aiming to start construction in late October of 2014.

EDP Renewables is estimated to start building their farm in the beginning of 2015.

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